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Products --> Coating Machine --> Enrober+cooling Tunnel

See removable Tank:


Chocolate Coating Machine,600mm belt, 10 meters cooling tunnel

Item Number:

TYJ600-N: nature cocoa fat chocolate coating,we call pure chocolate type,three cooling compressors of 3x3 HP.
TYJ600-S: substitute cocoa fat chocolate coating, we call compound chocolate type,one cooling compressor of 5 HP.

Overall Power:9.17kw
Packing Size:
1)3450x1100x2200mm x 2 cases
2)2400x1200x1700mmx 1case
(Wooden cases)
3)2400x1100x2200mm x 1 case
Packed in 1 x 20¡¯ container
N.W. : 2500kgs (or 3500kg)
G.W.: 3500kgs (or 5000kg)
Conveyor Belt Width:600mm
Mesh Belt Width:550mm
Conveyor Belt Speed:0-7m/min
Mesh Belt Speed:0-8m/min
Tunnel Working Temp:0-10oC
Cooling Tunnel:10 meters long

1) Anti-trailer rod (detailer bar) is included to remove chocolate tail after coated.
2) Belt self-tracking device is optional, if need, will plus cost
We think, the hand adjusting is enough for 10 meters cooling tunnel.
3) Vibration roller included at the end of enrober.
4) If need add function to adjust the thickness of the bottom side coating, will plus cost
5) Stainless steel with painted mild steel frame. Tunnel hoods is made of color steel sheets.
If you need powder coated frame, or all stainless steel, will plus cost.
6) There is electrical heated warm water jacket layer over chocolate tank in the enrober,
the tank could be fixed or removable.
If removable tank, it could pulls out on wheels to easy cleaning and versatile changing from dark to white, need to add cost
7) and removable trays under the belt in the cooling tunnel for easy cleaning.
8) It¡¯s for coating 6 sides overall.
If need coat only bottom, or two functions, need to inform us to discuss cost.
Amphibious function will increase cost
If need the bottom coating thickness variable, also will increase cost.
9) There is a knife edge between enrober and cooling belt, to be better connected.
10) You could choose our SHJ600 decorator or SLJ600 sprinkler to match.
See following, the layout design.
11) Also, we have TYJ900, TYJ 1200 etc, which conveyer belt is 900, 1200mm.
12) There are two types condensers, one is air cooling, another is water cooling.
If water cooling, need to build a 10 m.t. cooling tank outside.
We recommend clients to choose water cooling, for the efficiency of water cooling
is higher than air cooling, also water cooling, the heat goes outside.
If air cooling, need plus cost to replace water cooling.
13) Defroster and dehumidifier are included.
14) We could add bottom cooling system if clients need.
15) Please advise us details of the machine you need except above mentioned.
The machine is a special equipment for coating assorted chocolates. It can coat on the surface of many kinds of foods, such as candy, cake and biscuit etc., with thick chocolate liquid , creates many kinds of chocolate products with various flavors.
Optional : decorator or sprinkler, see following layouts.
Following is the coating line with decorator and sprinkler.

This line, while sprinkler not in use, need to move out of the line by foot

This line, while sprinkler not in use, don¡¯t need to move out of the line:

Following is the airflows inside cooling tunnel:

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