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This video took while testing mechanical functions before painting and covering cooling tunnel.

  1) Moulds heating (if book moulds, already opened and lie in tandem on the chain )
2) First deposit chocolate for shells
3) Vibrate the moulds vertically
4) Inverse the mould to spill out extra chocolate to ensure the thickness of the shell only 1mm
5) Shake the moulds transversely
6) Shake the moulds longitudinally
7) Reverse back to face upward
8) Smoothing the surface of the mould by scraper to wipe off the extra chocolate on it.
9) Enter the large cooling tunnel on the first lane of left( totally five lanes in the large tunnel) to cool shells,after cooling, exit tunnel
10) Second deposit to center filled
11) Vibrate the moulds
12) Enter the small cooling tunnel to cool center filling, after cooling, exit tunnel
13) Heating moulds
14) Third deposit, if book forming, adherence layer, the adhere material could be chocolate, center filling paste or other similar.
if 3-step depositing, the base flat layer to cover the shells.
15) Vibrate moulds
16) Smoothing the surface of the moulds by scraper to wipe off the extra adhere material on it.
17) *Book moulds closed together
18) *Tighten the closed book moulds by press pins to tighten the moulds
19) Enter the large cooling tunnel again on the right four lanes, four by four, to cool the finished chocolate, then exit
20) Twist the moulds to easy dumping
21) *Prize up the book moulds ,
22) Knock the moulds ,
23) *Open the book moulds fully ,
24) Turnover the moulds to other lane beside ,
25) Demould by dump the chocolate products on the outlet belt of the other lane beside by knocking ,
26) Turnover moulds back to the chain of the track, products exit the line out by conveyor belt to the wrapping machine
27) *Press out the pins fully of the book moulds
28) =1) Then Return to 1) for circling

* these actions are for book forming process,
if 3-step depositing process, dont need these actions, only need move forward.


Chocolate Shell Depositor Plant,PLC-controlled
Amphibious:book forming or 3-steps depositing

Item Number:



275x175xH25mm,three step forming, 340moulds
275x205xH(16+16)mm, BookMould, 170 sets moulds

Chocolate shell thickness: 1 mm

Capacity: 4moulds /minutes for book moulds forming
8-9 moulds/min for 3-steps forming

Power: 25kw ( not include compressor & cooler)

Range:0-3 mm adjustable
Vibrating Length:

First Section 2.3m, Second 0.7m, Third 0.7m

Temperature 0-5C,
Tunnel Length 7.7m
Cooling Capacity:

Small Tunnel 4000 5000 kcal/h
Large Tunnel 2000025000 kcal/h

Cooling Time:

First Section 5-6 minutes, Second 5-6min, Third 20-24 min.


30 Sq.Meters in small tunnel, 60 Sq.meters in large tunnel

Mould Heating:

Temperature 35-40C, Time:20-37sec, Length 0.5 m.




This machine is amphibious for book moulds forming or 3-steps depositing.
For book forming: upper and base shells depositing, center filled, two shells cover together like book closed with the adhere layer deposited.

For 3-steps forming:
First step, upper shell deposited. Second step, center filled. Third step, base flat shell deposited.

The shell could be only 1 mm thick, and have big center core filled.
Also the fluid core center could include some crashed nuts mixed together which are not large 3mm.

Two forming compare:
Book forming, upper shell and base shell could have three-dimensional shapes.
3-steps forming, though upper shell could be three-dimensional shape, but base shell could only be flat.
2)Center filling:
Book forming, the center core should have almost the same fluidity as shell to avoid spill over while folding moulds like book cover, upper mould cover on base mould
3-steps forming, center core could have a little higher fluidity, for the moulds dont need to reverse folding after inner core filled.
Book forming, only 4 moulds/minute.
3-steps forming, could double the capacity, 8-9 moulds/minute.





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